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Community Phone

It's SOOO Much More!

The FMCTC Community Phone is anything but a local phone! You can use your Community Phone almost ANYWHERE in the U.S. with our Pay-As-U-Go talk & travel feature.

 CLICK HERE to see map of nationwide roaming coverage area.

If you don't need a cell phone plan with all the bells and whistles, then one of our Community Phone plans is for you.

All of our Community Phone plans include these features:

Talk minutes on FMCTC network  
Unlimited m2m
It's our mobile-to-mobile feature. Talk all you want, when you want, to any other Community Phone without using your allowance minutes when you are on the FMCTC network.  
Text Messaging to/from any other mobile phone on any other wireless network  
Pay-As-U-Go Long Distance
You pay for the minutes you use, not the ones you don't
Pay-As-U-Go Talk & Travel
Traveling?  You can use you Community Phone almost anywhere in the U.S.  You pay for the minutes you use, not the ones you don't.   Six simple steps to assure you have the most up-to-date nationwide roaming area for your Community Phone
Caller ID, Simultaneous Ring, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling
Feature phone designed for voice calls and text messaging.  No web needs.  
Crystal clear calling
Our Digital PCS technology gets you unsurpassed clarity, and line encryption security to prevent eavesdropping.  You'll even be able to talk longer before recharging your battery.
Local Coverage Area
The FMCTC Home Service Area includes Avoca, Defiance, Earling, Hancock, Harlan, Irwin, Jacksonville, Manilla, Panama, Tennant, Shelby and Westphalia.  See map
Optional features for the Community Phone:
Voice Mail
Add another phone PLUS  minutes for your family or business
Bundle your Community Phone in one of our Telecom Value Deals and get a great value.  Ask a friendly customer service representative for all the details.

NOTE: FMCTC Community Phone is exclusive to FMCTC members


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