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Digital TV with FREE HD & 
Whole Home DVR

here's LOTS to enjoy with the best tv entertainment around...our Digital TV with FREE HD & Whole Home DVR.

For starters, we give you 112 of today's m
ost-watched channels like the NFL Network, National Geographic, HGTV, ESPN, Hallmark, and Biography Channel.  In addition, you get all the HD channels you can handle--78 of 'em--and your HD channels are always FREE (unlike satellite).  There are 51 commercial-free music channels with formats for all tastes.  
Channel line-up


Whole Home DVR
A regular DVR is great, but the Whole Home DVR lets you have one DVR box and watch what is recorded on any TV in your home with a set top box.  And, you can see what you want to watch---and begin recording---right from your onscreen program guide which lets you see storylines and program summaries.  

Watch your favorite TV shows anywhere, anytime on an Internet-connected device with WatchTVEverywhere.  Easy Sign Up instructions HERE

Remote DVR Scheduling
Never miss your favorite show, ballgame, or movie again.  Schedule your DVR when you're away from home using your smartphone or computer. Easy-to-use instructions HERE

Restart TV
Running a little late and missed the beginning of the show?  Restart it!  Easy-to-use instructions HERE

Video On Demand
Just use your FMCTV remote control to select On Demand and browse through our hundreds of free on-demand titles from our library.  Sports events.  Music performances.  Community happenings.  New videos are added every month.

Omaha and Des Moines local channels are included, as well as our exclusive, in-demand FMCTV Channel 48/448HD with all of our local community programming.  

Parental controls let you choose programming the family will see even if you're not in the room.   

Caller ID on your TV?
Yes! Customers love this feature because of its convenience.  When your phone rings, the number that is calling pops up on your television screen.  Without getting out of your chair, you can decide whether you want to talk to that person or not.  And even better yet, Onscreen Caller ID is included free of charge if you are a FMCTC member!  Onscreen Voice Mail is also available. 

We make our pricing simple and easy to understand.  One monthly price includes all programming including your HD channels, equipment to connect one tv (
1 HD Set Top Box w/ Whole Home DVR, HDMI cable), and Whole Home DVR service.  Pricing information HERE

Digital Movie Suites
You can customize your tv viewing by selecting from 42 movie channels of block buster movies, music specials, documentary films, boxing, and exclusive award-winning series. 
                * 6 channels of HBO 
                * 8 channels of Cinemax 
                * 11 channels of Showtime and The Movie Channel 
                * 17 channels of STARZ
Pricing information
FMCTC Digital TV
with FREE HD & Whole Home DVR is available in the following towns/areas:

Rural & Town Jacksonville, Rural & Town Kirkman, Rural & Town Westphalia, Rural & Town Earling, Rural & Town Manilla, Rural & Town Defiance, Rural & Town Hancock, Rural & Town Irwin, Rural Harlan, Parts of Town Harlan, Harlan housing additions Ridge Road, Kingswood Lane, Cresthaven.

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