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High Speed Internet

All of our High Speed Internet plans include these great features and make us the area's preferred choice for your high speed Internet services:

   Choose the speed that's right for you.  
   Connection speeds up to 100 MB
download, 50MB upload
   Modem and Wireless Router for your own Wi-Fi network.  No rental charges or purchase fees.
   Unlimited Internet.  No data caps.  No overage charges.
   Barracuda anti-spam protection 
   5 email accounts
   WebMail so you can check your email wherever you are in the world  
   Service & Support Center staffed with two Help Desk Professionals.  Call in, stop by, or our Web Remote service makes helping you so easy.

Love your high speed internet?

      Share it in your whole house! 
Share your FMCTC High Speed Internet connection with other computers, laptops, tablets, tvs, smartphones in your home.
A Wi-Fi connection for your visitors--college kids, grandkids, friends--is appreciated.  
A Wi-Fi connection saves you $$$ on your smartphone/tablet data plans.
Use of the wireless router is INCLUDED in your high speed service!  
Let a FMCTC professional install it
BRING IT IN!  We are the only local Internet provider that encourages you to 'BRING IT IN!'  And even better yet, this level of service and support IS INCLUDED in our internet service!  Bring your computer in to our Help Desk and our SOS Team will:  run diagnostics, troubleshoot the problem, clean spyware, install hardware, repair software damaged by viruses or spyware, and more!  Ask what else our SOS Team can do for you!  
*This service does not include the cost of miscellaneous equipment such as cables, cards, hardware, software. 
Free professional installation
No contract required
Earn patronage dividends which work like cash back
Save money and get more features when you bundle your internet, phone and tv.  

FMCTC lets you pick your speed and price.  


FMCTC Member

Monthly Price




 6MB/326KB/62ms $44.95 $99.95
 8MB/512KB/31ms $54.95 $119.95
 10MB/640KB/16ms $64.95 $139.95
4MB/1MB $72.95 Please Inquire
12MB/ 720KB/8ms $79.95 Please Inquire
15MB/900KB/4ms $129.95 Please Inquire
         12MB /1.2MB               $159.95 Please Inquire
          15MB/3MB                $179.95 Please Inquire
         25MB/7MB               Please inquire Please Inquire
          50MB/25MB                 Please inquire Please Inquire
      100M /50MB               Please inquire Please Inquire
Even FASTER speeds available.  Visit with our Professionals for the details.
*Price does not include federal, state, county taxes, Universal Service Fund charge.
No set-up fee, installation fee or long term contract required.

Definition of Broadband qualities:  Download Speed (Receive Speed) - The speed at which your Internet connection downloads data to your PC from the Internet.  *  Upload Speed  (Send Speed) - The speed at which your Internet connection uploads data from your PC to the Internet.  *  Latency - The amount of time it takes data to travel from source to destination.

To see if FMCTC High Speed Internet is available in your area, CLICK HERE
Not yet a FMCTC High Speed Internet Customer?  Getting started is easy.  Register online HERE.
For FMCTC disclosures in reference to the FCC Open Internet Rules, CLICK HERE

If you have any questions or special needs, please contact our office at 744-3131 or (800)469-3511 or by sending email

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