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With FMCTC Telephone you get reliable, crystal clear telephone calls carried over a state-of-the-art communications network.|

And, that's just the beginning…

The FMCTC Benefit

You become a member of Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company when you sign up for telephone service. This means you actually own a piece of the company and become eligible to participate in distribution of any profits. 
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Enjoy both local and long distance--from one company--on one bill 
Take advantage of free long distance minutes every month
Get the most popular calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and SimRing 
From bundled packages to services a la carte, FMCTC offers something for everyone—and at a great price 
You don't have to change your existing phone number when you switch to FMCTC Telephone
We have over 100 years of experience behind us, and our qualified staff works right here where we are available to help you.

Check out what FMCTC Telephone service can do for you. See services and features below.
Local Calling Long Distance Call Features Voice Mail Wire Maintenance
Service Areas FREE monthly minutes Anonymous Call Rejection Voice Mail Plans  
Calling Areas Calling Plans Busy Line Redial Email Forwarding  
  Multi-Line Advantage Call Transfer Remote Access  
  800 Number Caller ID Voice Mail Set-Up  
  Caller ID/Call Waiting  

Business Phone Systems

    Caller ID Blocking   Equipment & Installation
    Call Forwarding   Discounts
    Call Forwarding/Busy Line    
    Call Forwarding/No Answer    
    Call Waiting    
    Cancel Call Waiting  

Telephones & Accessories

Distinctive Ring
    Last Call Return    
    Selective Distinctive Ring    
    Selective Call Acceptance    
    Selective Call Forwarding    
    Selective Call Rejection    
    Simultaneous (SIM)Ring    
    Speed Dial    
    Three-Way Calling    




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