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Voice Mail Information
Voice Mail Set-Up Instructions




Voice Mail

Our Voice Mail is like an invisible answering machine, only better! It answers your phone with a personal greeting and takes a message whether you are away from home or your office, unable to answer, or even when you are talking on the phone.

FMCTC offers two Voice Mail plans:

Why Voice Mail?

Terrific for Travelers!  
Check your messages from anywhere, anytime.
E-Mail Forwarding!  
We'll send your voicemail message to your up the email and hear the actual voicemail message.
Great for dial-up Internet users!  
People will leave a message instead of getting a busy signal.
Basic Plan
  • $2/month (Residential or Business Customers)
  • Message Waiting Indictor--signals that a voice mail is waiting
  • Automatic Login--lets you log into mailbox without using a password
  • Password Options--lets you use a pre-set or personalized password
  • Greeting Options--lets you use a pre-set greeting or personalize your own
  • Remote Message Retrieval--lets you check your voicemail from a remote phone
  • Plays current day & time
  • Special Offer!  We'll give you Email Notification FREE--sends your voice mail messages to a specified email address--if you're a FMCTC Internet customer

Plus Plan

  • $4/month (Residential or Business Customers)
  • Includes Basic Plan features plus:
  • Email Notification--sends your voice mail messages to a specified email address.
  • Associated Numbers--lets you use multiple phone numbers on one voice mailbox
  • Message Forwarding--lets you forward a voice mail message to another FMCTC
    voicemail box
  • Allow Memo--lets you send a memo message with voice mail message to another FMCTC voice mail box
  • Sub Mailboxes--lets you add up to 9 sub mailboxes. Example: Press 1 to reach Joe, Press 2 to reach Martin, etc.
Voice Mail Features Basic Plan Plus Plan
Greeting Length (Max.)    
Message Length (Max.) 60 Seconds 60 Seconds
Maximum Mailbox Time 20 Minutes 20 Minutes
Messages Are Kept 60 Days 60 Days
Remote Message Retrieval Yes Yes
Automatic Login (log in w/o using password) Yes Yes
Associated Numbers
(Allows multiple phone numbers on one voice mailbox)
N/A Yes
Notification to E-Mail
(Sends voicemail message to specified email address)

if FMCTC Internet customer
Message Forwarding
(To another voicemail box)
N/A Yes
Allows Memo
(Send memo with voicemail message to another voicemail box)
N/A Yes
Sub-Mailboxes (Press 1 to reach Jo, 2 to reach Bob, etc) N/A Up to 9

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